poor courier service

smashed packages

Like many major cities, transporting sensitive packages, such as medical specimens, pharmaceutical or durable goods and supplies can be a problem if the same day courier service isn’t as experienced handling these types of packages. Even if they are, there are still other common problems why your package isn’t delivered on time. These are the 4 major problems that exist:

1- Large delivery companies vs. personalize same day courier services

We are not saying larger courier services cannot handle sensitive packages, but they tend to loose or damage packages in route due to their handling of higher volume of packages on a daily basis. Why? Because these larger courier services process packages through large facilities which can cause packages to be sent to the wrong location, or put on the wrong route. These problems can hinder the delivery time of sensitive pharmaceutical or medical specimens. Another issue can be larger courier services tend to pack too many packages in the delivery vans/trucks.

Large delivery vs personalized service

This can damage smaller sensitive medical packages. DCS Delivery Service understands these problems and has become the reliable same day delivery service in Phoenix and other parts of Arizona. Our drivers are experienced to assure the packages in their vehicles are not stacked upon each other, and they know before leaving the best routes to take eliminating lost time.

2- Higher overhead means more cost

When you schedule a package for delivery, large courier services have to pass their higher overhead costs to you. These include insurance, travel expenses, and the high turn over of drivers, which are typical costs with large courier services. DSC Delivery Service maintains competitive pricing by paying their drivers fairly with very little turnover to keep insurance rates low. Our quoted prices are not inflated later and you won’t see surprise or hidden costs for miscellaneous items on your invoice.

3- Personalized Service

Do you know the name of the driver from the delivery service? Do they know your name? Are they even familiar with the types of medical packages you need transported? We, at DCS Delivery Service, inform our drivers of your sensitive package, the route with the destination and the name of the person whom they will pickup from and deliver to. Although this might sound familiar, our drivers learn about your needs so each time they arrive, they understand your requirements. We like to think of our experienced staff as your “Personalized Delivery Drivers”.

4- Dependable and Trustworthy

DCS Delivery Service doesn’t rely on third parties to transport your packages. Many companies, large and some smaller courier services contract their deliveries to other companies. This happens because they either do not have enough staff or vehicles to handle the calls for the deliveries. It almost goes without saying that third parties are not as reliable and can be unprofessional.

Plus it adds another layer of how your package is handled. This can create more problems for your same day delivery packages that can be avoided by using a reliable same day courier service like DCS Delivery.

As your needs become more demanding, know that DCS Same Day Delivery Service is helping the medical labs, and other medical companies in Phoenix Arizona meet their daily needs of transporting sensitive packages. Our trained staff is ready to help you. We are available 24 hours a day, call us at 480-247-8560