How DCS Gets Your Package There Quickly, Securely And Inexpensively

We’ve all been in the situation. There’s an urgent package that needs to be shipped, like, two hours ago. What do you prioritize, speed, price or security? What if you didn’t have to? DCS is trusted in scenarios like those every day because it delivers on all three. But, really, that’s just scratching the surface of our overnight courier service.

Efficient Shipping

We’re the leading same-day courier in Southern California for lab, medical and emergency packages, so we understand how critical it is to pick up promptly, handle with meticulous care and deliver according to schedule. For emergencies, we guarantee a pick-up within 45 minutes of the request.

And, if shipping bulky parcels has become a logistical nightmare. We’re your solution. Unlike the Postal Service, our shipping prices are determined by distance, not weight.

Scheduling Solutions

When timing is of the utmost importance—and when is it not?—our 24-hour courier service delivers. How? By being there when you need us. Our couriers pick-up and deliver on evenings, weekends and even holidays. (Our weekend and holiday rates are only one-and-a-half times our weekday rates.) We provide same-day and overnight delivery anywhere in California, Nevada and Arizona. And we do it at a fraction of the cost of our competition. We’re there at your convenience. Place your order by phone or online and track your package on your smartphone.

Tracking Services

If only, “It’s on its way,” was a satisfying answer. In the age of instant access and immediate gratification, it no longer is. Arranging for the pick-up isn’t enough. You need to be able to describe its progress at any given moment. Fear not. We provide total tracking from origin to destination, so you’re covered. And our routing and tracking software is among the most sophisticated in the industry. We also maintain a full-service IT department that’s dedicated to customer-support.

Professional Handling

A number of outfits can get your package to its destination quickly and maybe even inexpensively, but at what cost? Ultimately, the courier is only as good as the integrity of the contents of any given package upon its arrival. And we stand behind each and every one of ours. All of our couriers undergo thorough background checks and extensive training in industry safety standards, diplomacy and tact. They’re required to wear a uniform and a badge so that they’re easily identified in all environments. We also carry $2 million in liability insurance, well above the industry standard. This means up to $2 million coverage protects your shipment every time we deliver for you.


For your next shipment, professional or personal, trust DCS Delivery. We’ll be there as soon as you need us. And your package will arrive quickly and securely. Peace of mind couldn’t possibly be this affordable.