How to Choose a Courier Service You Can Count On

When time is of the essence, make sure you can trust your courier.

At DCS Delivery, we know that choosing the right courier can have significant consequences on the efficiency and productivity of your business. Regardless of your industry, there are several types of delivery services you will need at one time or another in order to maintain a successful, thriving business, so when choosing a courier, look for the following.

Same-Day Delivery

If you’re selling online to a local audience, offering same-day delivery service can potentially increase your sales. In fact, it’s likely to positively influence customers weighing a common product between various sites when the others can’t extend the option of delivery on the same day. It’s one way a small, budding company like yours can compete against the nationwide brands. The Internet is redefining the way business is done. Pairing a well-designed site with personalized customer service, including prompt shipping, puts you at the forefront, regardless of your size.

DCS, serving California, Arizona and Nevada, understands the importance of getting packages delivered on time and to the “right” person, and is committed to providing its customers with the fastest, most reliable courier service.

Urgent Delivery

In an ideal world, your work is never interrupted and everything gets done ahead of deadline and into the appropriate hands with hours to spare. But in the real world, traffic snarls during the morning commute, the Internet goes down at the office and the clerk at the courthouse awaiting your file leaves an hour early to make it to her son’s T-ball game.

Life is always conspiring against you in ways large and small. But the right courier can provide you with peace of mind when you need it most (read the 11th hour) with its urgent delivery service, ensuring your critical documents arrive where you need them to go when you need them to be there. DCS is an industry leader in developing delivery technology. We offer the highest level of advanced software managed courier services, which increases our efficiency and allows us to provide premium routing and tracking services.

Emergency Delivery

For a healthcare provider, the reliable transfer of its blood and bio-medical samples is its lifeblood. When you need immediate, on-demand delivery services or same-day delivery of recurring orders, you can rely on DCS for service. We customize our shipping solutions to give you a competitive edge and allow you to focus on your core business. On the ground or in the air, your medical emergency courier services and standard orders alike are managed according to your timetable, not ours. Plus, all DCS couriers are trained in OSHA, JACHO and MSHA to ensure to ensure the utmost levels of security and safety are employed.

Overnight Delivery

Don’t assume that the large national and international parcel delivery companies are the ones to call if you need to send an important document or package overnight. Although the initial cost of a courier may be a bit higher, it’s offset by an assortment of value-added features. DCS’ overnight courier service, for example, typically provides later pick up and earlier delivery options than the large shipping companies with our customized programs, which can include after-hours access.

We also provide a broad range of transportation solutions, which can be combined and configured to meet your needs as they change. Shipping more than one parcel to the same address? Try our customized Stop Plus Weight program.


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