What’s the difference between DCS and the global brands, you may be wondering, if you’re considering environmental labs delivery services.

For starters, sensitive shipments are one of our focuses. Our couriers are trained to transport them expediently and with the utmost care in their handling. That’s great, you’re thinking, but even the most well-trained and -experienced drivers are susceptible to errors. A little peace of mind now won’t bring my package back later. We also carry $2 million in liability insurance.

And we customize our same-day delivery service, whether it’s a standard order or an emergency. What that’ll look like from your perspective is the pick-up and the delivery are conducted according to your schedule, not ours. And minimal interruptions mean your operation can move at the pace the research warrants.

What it looks like behind the scenes is industry-leading software determining the fastest, most secure routes, with tracking every mile of the way. You’ll receive a real-time proof-of-delivery notice, complete with the name of the person who received it.

When your day hinges on a direct pickup and delivery, you need a courier that will treat your parcel with the same sense of urgency and care. There’s no part of that process that we take lightly. Our interactions are meant to be thoughtful and professional, our transportation, efficient and attentive. Because we operate only within California, Arizona and Nevada, our reputation follows each and every package. We may move a fraction of the traffic that the global brands do, but that only shrinks our margin for error. And, ultimately, when you’re shipping sensitive material, you can never overstate the value of accountability.

Give us a call anytime to handle your package with care and deliver it on-time.