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Contracted Drivers

DCS service options include Contract Route Service, a driver outsourcing program. This system routes deliveries so efficiently we estimate a typical savings to our contract route clients of 20% -30%.

Routes are flexible. Stops may be added or deleted at will and routing updated to reflect changes immediately.

Any signature for deliveries and electronic POD information is stored indefinitely. 

Types of Routes

                4 hour routes  (routes available 24/7)

                6 hour routes  (routes available 24/7)

                8 hour routes  (routes available 24/7)

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All DCS courier drivers, as a condition of employment, will be required to participate in pre-employment testing upon selection. Once he/she has been deemed qualified for a position as a DCS driver, he/she will be tested for drug use within 5 days of the offer of employment. Failure to take tests will disqualify the employee from further employment. Any person testing positive for the use of an illegal controlled substance will be disqualified for future employment or terminated immediately.  Your packages are safe with DCS Delivery courier services.  

In the event of an attempted vehicle hijacking or cargo theft situation drivers who fall victim to vehicle theft or cargo theft are instructed to notify local police as soon as possible. Once the proper authorities have been notified, drivers are required to contact company officials and follow all subsequent instructions. DCS is dedicated to the safe and efficient handling of our customers’ products. Our company is dedicated to ensuring the physical safety of all employees and reducing opportunities for theft.

Upon arrival at the loads point of origin, all drivers shall check in with the responsible shipping personnel to notify them of arrival and to provide proof of identity. While at the shipper, drivers shall follow the loading instructions and obey all customer location safety and security rules.

At the designated loading location (assigned door), the driver shall secure the vehicle. No company vehicle will be left unattended until the driver is confident the vehicle is secure.

All courier drivers must possess and maintain a valid CA Drivers License and full automobile insurance. All Drivers must refer to OSHA training when lifting heavy objects or materials. Each Vehicle must have and maintain a designated clean / dirty area in your vehicle.  

All drivers must be uniformed with pictured ID badges and properly groomed at all times. A DCS uniformed driver consists of; a polo shirt and/or a long sleeve shirt with a clearly visible DCS logo and long pants. The DCS ID badge has a clear picture photo of the driver with his/her full name and our company name.

5.1 (Temperature) Samples are to be stored at temperature of >0 - 6° Celsius. Wet ice is used to transport samples. Blue ice is only used per client request. Wet ice is bagged by Sample Control personnel.

5.2 (Daily Routine) At the beginning of each day, load vehicle with one to two coolers of bagged ice. Exchange the ice for fresh ice each time you return to the laboratory. Use this ice to pack and transport samples. If necessary, distribute client samples into multiple coolers to allow more room for ice and to help maintain a temperature of 0 - 6° Celsius. DCS drivers are responsible for ensuring that ice is placed in each cooler as they receive it from the client. Encores should be covered in ice (they should be received as close to freezing as possible).

5.3 (Double Verify) DCS Couriers are required to double check all bottle orders prepared by opening the cooler and verifying the number of containers, type of containers and preservative against the Bottle Order request form. If you find a discrepancy, contact a member of the Sample Control staff.

5.4.1 (Chain of Custody) Confirm the numbers of samples and type of bottles in the cooler are the same as those listed on the chain of custody forms. Signing a chain of custody form indicates accepting responsibility for samples. If there are discrepancies, notify the dispatch immediately (Remember, you are responsible for counting all of the samples and verifying the counts against the COC when you receive the samples). Do not sign the chain of custody without first verifying the samples are accounted for and are intact.

5.4.2 (Chain of Custody) Before accepting samples by signing the chain of custody form, verify that all of the required information is provided. Chain of Custody form is a legal document and may be used in court or used as evidence. Before accepting samples by signing the chain of custody form, verify that the following information is recorded:
- The sample identification, when possible
- The total number of each type of container
- Date and time of sampling
- Name of the sample collector (if possible not required)

5.4.3 (Chain of Custody) Have the client release the samples to you by writing the date and time and signing the chain of custody form. Receive the samples from the client also by writing the date and time and signing the chain of custody form. There are a few clients who may leave samples in a refrigerator on site and they date and sign the COC when they put the samples in the fridge. If you are picking up the samples at a later date and time than indicated on the COC, write ‘Received from Fridge’ or ‘Received from Site’ on the COC next to your signature with the current date and time.

5.5 (Required at Pickup) After pickup is made and Chain of Custody form is filled out take a picture of form and email to bill@dcsdelivery.com. DCS needs this picture at time of pickup to send to our clients that require this process.

5.6 (Relinquishing Samples to client) DCS couriers are required to have client sign chain of custody form when receiving samples. Please ensure that you accurately give them everything that was picked up by double checking the Chain of Custody form. Make sure not mix clients in same cooler (items are not labeled sometimes and could cause confusion). Once done, mark off into “DCS On-Time management” name of recipient and that order to dropped.

5.7 Couriers are responsible for maintaining custody of samples until they are relinquished to the receiving person at the lab. To ensure unbroken custody, the following procedures should be followed:
• Vehicle doors must be locked and windows closed when the courier is not present.
• Vehicle key must be kept with courier if he/she is not in the vehicle.

6.1 All samples must be transported on ice. Blue ice or wet ice (not recommended).

6.2 Drinking water samples must be in a separate ice chest from wastewaters. Ask client or call lab if in doubt about the type of samples you are picking up.

6.3 Samples in Bacti bottles and VOA vials must be put in zip-lock bag before they are put in ice chest.

6.4 Hand sanitizer should be used prior to handling drinking water sample containers.

6.5 Make sure there is a label on all containers.

6.6 Chain of Custody forms and other documentation associated with the samples must accompany the samples delivered o the lab.

6.7 Wastewater, storm water, surface water and source water samples for Bacti analysis must be delivered to the lab within 5 hours of sampling.

Drivers are instructed to phone dispatch in case of any issue with delivery, or any emergency situations ( i.e., stranded vehicle, car accident, biohazard spills, etc.) to communicate your location and issue. Drivers are required to phone dispatch after each delivery has been serviced, to receive instructions / directions for the next location of delivery. Dispatchers are available 24/7 at 949-302-7454.

Drivers that are at the final drop off destination and cannot get a hold of the proper personnel (i.e,. Pharmacist, Patient, etc.) for delivery; must hold the delivery and call dispatch for further instructions.

All DCS drivers are required to carry their company phones on them at all times (24/7).

If you, the “driver,” notice theft by either the “client,” or another driver, report the incident immediately. All information relating to the “witness” will remain confidential. To report an incident please call (949) 500-3326.

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