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Specialized Delivery

Have a unique shipping need? Require logistics services support? Custom software needs? Specialized courier requirements?

In addition to the unique systems and services we currently offer, DCS is always willing to work with clients to make their shipping lives easier and more cost effective

DCS offers a variety of innovative support services for all types of specialized delivery and logistical needs.  Ask us!

Direct pick-up and Delivery

DCS understands that on time delivery is crucial and sometimes downright critical. DCS will provide solutions for you.

We give laboratories the tools to consolidate services, optimize efficiencies, and stay under budget by providing custom lab logistics solutions. Because the healthcare industry never sleeps, neither do we. DCS offers direct pickup and delivery 24/7/365.


Laboratory service

Shipping Technology

DCS understands labs! We give laboratories the tools to consolidate services, optimize efficiencies, and stay under budget by providing custom lab logistics solutions.

DCS offers direct pickup and delivery 24/7/365.

In an industry that relies heavily on Same Day deliveries, we know that you cannot test specimens until they arrive on time and in good order. Our drivers are HIPAA compliant to ensure security and safety when delivering lab samples. DCS drivers are always properly uniformed and carry picture ID badges. DCS provides emergency, STAT and routine delivery service for standard and temperature-controlled specimens, life-saving organs, and blood products.

DCS enables laboratories to support the changing needs of their customers by managing the entire delivery and logistics component of your lab. Our innovative courier technology coupled with our industry-leading delivery model has proven to be the right combination for meeting the demanding needs of the healthcare industry.

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Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy services

DCS offers direct pickup and delivery 24/7/365. 

“We understand your patients’ needs and the importance of getting their meds to their homes safely, securely, and on time!  Your schedule is our schedule!”

Infusion and Home Care Pharmacy services

Skilled nursing, home or individual residential pharmacy delivery is our specialty! We cater to the care giver and the patient! DCS always attempts a call in advance to set a delivery window so your caregiver and patient expect us. We review instructions with them and unload product for them.  We offer signature instruction for all documents.  Assuring that your shipment ‘chain of custody’ is maintained at all times. DCS couriers are HIPAA compliant.

Nuclear Medicine

DCS offers specialized handling procedures for the delivery of medical radioactive materials. We understand the need for public safety when shipping nuclear medicine. Nuclear medicine shipments are governed by the Federal Department of Transportation and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Knowledge of these regulations is essential to establishing a viable radiation safety program during transport. Our nuclear medicine delivery service provides couriers that are trained in radiation safety, spill containment, recovery, and public safety.

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Environmental Laboratories

Advanced Delivery Solutions

DCS understands the unique needs of Environmental labs. DCS offer STAT, Same day, Overnight and routine delivery services. Manage temperature controlled samples. limited shelf life sample control. Contracted routes are also available. Our State of the art technology ensures service quality and COC (Chain of Custody) accountability..

DCS environmental contracted drivers understand how to count bottles, fill out Chain of Custody forms, know how to separate clean & dirty water, along with checking cooler temperature.  Short holds, bacti samples, etc can be routed and managed efficiently using DCS system to ensure products are returned within the required time!

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