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Advanced Delivery Solutions

DCS is an industry leader in developing delivery technology. We offer the highest level of advanced software managed courier services to our customers.  Our software combination increases our efficiency and allows us to provide premium routing and tracking services. DCS is a software savvy company. We understand that each of our customers have unique requirements. Whether you are shipping a single time-critical package or have freight distribution requirements, DCS has a user friendly software system you can rely on.

Shipping Technology

DCS views shipping technology as an integral part of our delivery system and service offering. It gives us an edge over our competitors! We offer our customers the highest level of support with a variety of advanced delivery services. Most of the systems used by DCS were developed internally allowing us to greatly improve the response time in meeting our customer's needs. DCS has a full-service IT department dedicated to supporting our customers .

A broad range of advanced transportation solutions are available to make sure we meet the expectations of our customers, present and future. These solutions can be combined and configured to meet changing needs and requirements.

GPS Tracking

Benefits of using DCS online Tracking System: 

Electronic Proof of Delivery – All tracking information is stored electronically and available to view any time via our online web portal.

gps Tracking

Real-time Status Updates – Our Wireless Mobile Devices provide live status updates through our cell phone service provider.  This service provides real-time status updates continuously to provide you with the most up to date tracking information.


Tracking Number / Barcode – Each delivery is given a specific tracking number that uniquely identifies the package.  All tracking numbers have their own date, time, and tracking information stored and available for view via our online web portal.

Barcode Scanning

Advanced Delivery Solutions

Waybill / Shipping Label – For barcode scanning a shipping label or waybill must be printed.  Barcodes allow drivers to quickly scan packages upon pick up or delivery.


Electronic Signature Capture

If a digital signature capture is required, the driver will be prompted to collect the signature at pickup, delivery, or both. Recipients can easily sign right on the mobile device. This “Proof of Delivery” information is submitted back instantly and stored for your reference.  Signatures may be viewed at any time via our online web portal.  Your account can be setup to automatically require a signature capture.


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