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$2 Million Liability Insurance Policy

DCS carries $2 Million Liability Insurance. This is not an industry standard! This means up to $2 million coverage protects your shipment every time we deliver for you.  

On-line Ordering & Tracking Software

Ordering is easier & convenient VIA Satellite GPS Proof of Delivery
This includes time/date stamp & name of person signing in REAL TIME.  This is great for pharmacy deliveries and other emergency courier deliveries.  

Survey Cards

We can provide you with Client/Patient Survey Cards so you can see firsthand how your Client/Patient are taken care of through the eyes of your Clients/Patients

Professionally Trained Drivers

All packages are delivered on time, accurately to the correct person

Drivers in uniforms with picture ID badges

Drivers are properly groomed & trained in diplomacy & tact

Drivers have & maintain wireless communication devices

Drivers receive OSHA/JCAHO/MSHA safety training courses to ensure security & safety

We Serve All California and Arizona
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